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Australia, Gold Cost

SciFi fan, NMS explorer, sentinels fighter, starship mechanic, base builder. Founder of InExCor, Intergalactic Exploration Corporation.

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Another question, this time on the Iteration visages. Ares Visage for example. I have a downloaded copy of many of the game icons, but they are apparently from before the time when the visages were released. So all 10 icons are the same, and are basically no more than a placeholder. I uploaded a couple of them and the wiki says "why are you uploading duplicate files?" <g>

Do you think it's worth uploading them just so we have an icon for each page, or do you happen to have the actual version of the icons?


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I will have a look in game files.

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Question on your change to Iteration Eos. Wouldn't the tree change be put on the Multitool page itself? Or was your intent to show upgrades that Eos has for sale? Thanks!

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I had the upgrade tree here for Beyond, now I just updated it. It could also be mentioned on the multi-tool page of course.

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ok, just wasn't sure. Might be worth putting some explanation on the Iteration page explaining that the tree is what is sold there. And yes, I'd add something to the multi-tool page as well. Thanks much!

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I was interested to see that we had a planet with the Original name of Punxsutawney? How on earth did HelloGames random name generator come up with THAT? Must have been one of those million monkeys typing Shakespeare took a break <g>

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I had Nuts Major, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Labia, Olga as one of NPC geks (that's my wife's name). So with a million monkeys you can achieve a lot...

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Yes, I recall being very amused when I came across a planet named Shunde, which was a low end nowhere town (small city by western standards) in China. I had worked to set up an R&D facility and factory for my tech company there in 93... and some months ago I come across a planet with that random name! Go figure!

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I did not quite understand this remark until today when I watched Groundhog Day :-) Still, with random permutations of letters you can get anything.

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I grew up an hour or two away from Punxsutawney, so it's very familiar to me. Also, my guess is that HelloGames seeded their name generator with a variety of real place names. The generator then may grab pieces of these names and use them as patterns for creating new ones. I believe a region of Mexico was found once.

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