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SciFi fan, NMS explorer, sentinels fighter, starship mechanic, base builder. Founder of InExCor, Intergalactic Exploration Corporation.

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I have seen references for Living Ships to having both a Small and a Medium inventory, but the slots are the same either way. Do you have any additional information on which one it really is? Thanks!

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At 22 slots it fits in the small range for Shuttles, but in the medium range for all other types. Then again it has 21 slots in the Organ Chamber... I don't have mined data, so cannot say anything definite.

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My guess at this point is that there only IS one size for inventory for these beasties. Every thing I've seen so far on ships shows only 22/21. That's why the catalogue page only has one list displayed. We shall see. Thanks!

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Hey, can you add a "Space Encounters" image to the main page and link it to the Space Encounters article I made? It's still heavily under development.

Side Note: There's no Version for Living Ship yet so I added in development text under the source code for it.

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I'm not in charge of the main page, talk to Ddfairchild about this.

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The blueprint for Void Egg is from which release - Synthesis or Living Ship?

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I have obtained the egg in Synthesis, and the info panel is the same in Living Ship. Take your pick.

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quick update - I changed the maneuverabilty and maneuverabilityB parms to maneuver and maneuverB. No need for them to be so long in the tooth <g>

I've updated all the pages that used the longer name, so in the future, just use the new names. Thanks!

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Congrats on moving into 2nd place in the NMS wiki - that's a lot of typing indeed!

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As I have no chance on unseating you, I will have to settle as #2 :-)

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well if anybody ever does, it'll more than likely be you <g>

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