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A Vy'keen on guard in a Trading Station

The Vy'keen are one of the sentient species in the No Man's Sky universe, along with the Gek and Korvax.

Humanoid in appearance, they are native to the Euclid galaxy and resides within the Outer Edge. Used to dominant the Edge until recession in The Aerons War, back-stabbed by Gek the First Spawns and lost the war. Now they are a nomad race but still have their warrior bloods boil on with a very rigid honor system.

In-game description


The Vy'keen stand upright on two legs and have a posture that is hunched over. While the body is primarily humanoid, the facial features of the Vy'keen can vary. Most notably the jaw often protrudes, with either mouth parts or two short tentacles. Their skin is scaly and majority of the Vy'keen are green.

Mouth variations

This race appears to have either a humanoid mouth, monkey mouth, two extra large canines, or two short tentacles. One of the Vy'keen plaques indicates a preference for tentacles, as it transcribes "those blessed with tendrils did extend them." The presence of these mouth tendrils or "mouth buds (two round lumps that are present on the lower jaw) may be gender specific, with those with mouth tendrils being described with the term "virile" in one of the Vy'keen missions. If so, they are the only characteristics that differentiate the two sexes to the average observer. It is unclear as to which gender corresponds to each mouth variant.


An example of a typical Vy'keen conversation.

They are a warrior sentient species with a reciprocal honor system (doing something for one obligates the Vy'Keen to do something for the doer and vice-versa), and a deep veneration of their ancestral spirits. If an explorer accidentally offends them during a conversation, it can end in physical violence, slightly damaged player's health, and decreased standing with the Vy'keen.

Their technologies are completely designed to combat use. Every Multi-tool to starships that are traded, discovered, salvaged, received or rewarded within the Vy'keen territorial star systems have more combat-side technologies pre-installed.


See Vy'keen (language)

Vy'Keen language consists of a considerable amount of body language and posturing, occasionally interspersed with actual spoken words and cannibalistic roars, growls, and rumbles.

Should players discover new words and wish to contribute to this wiki please visit Vy'keen (language research) to fill in the blanks.


The Vy'keen each possess a title indicating their status within their society's hierarchy. Their titles are mostly militaristic due to their warrior nature. Known titles include:

  • Brigadier
  • Cadet
  • Captain
  • Conscript
  • Consul
  • Corporal
  • Enemy Slayer
  • Enforcer
  • Ensign
  • Enemy
  • Flag Bearer
  • Guard
  • Liquidator
  • Officer
  • Prefect
  • Recruit
  • Scout
  • Sentinel Hunter
  • Vy'keen-at-Arms
  • Warrior


See Saga of the Vy'keen


Vy'Keen Monoliths dot the landscape of many systems, where their interactions focus upon honor, combat and ancestral spirits.

Often the explorer is given a choice whose outcome is contingent upon Vy'keen morals. A positive reaction will bolster your repute with the Vy'Keen and often produce a reward and a greater understanding of the Atlas language. Upgraded weapons and artifacts are not uncommon gifts from positive monolith interactions. A negative reaction may injure the explorer, and drastically hurt their reputation with the Vy'Keen.


Vykeen plaques are delicate short records about the leader of the Vy'keen Alliance Hirk the Great, battles against The Aerons and their rage and belittlement toward Gek the First Spawns. As one of the plaque transcribed:
"It came to pass that the Great Monolith awoke, It heard the challenge of Hirk. Five times Hirk called upon it and was met by silence. On the sixth cry it awoke." --Memories of Nosurifro (Vy'Keen Plaque)
However, in a plot twist, one of your NPC technicians will eventually guide you to a plaque that shows that Nal was right about the Atlas and was spoken to by the Great Monolith. In his rage, Hirk struck down Nal and killed his followers. Your technician is one of Nal's last followers.


Vy'keen ruins record something totally different than their plaques. While Vy'keen ruins mostly regards their ancestral spirits talks, their inner strength enrichment and miscellaneous records of day-to-day lives. However, some still dedicated to Hirk the Great and other tribal leaders within the Vy'keen Alliance.

Relationship with the sentinels

The Vy'Keen have a great disdain for the sentinels and the Atlas, because Sentinels aren't naturally born like the three main races and other entities in the universe, also they do not allow true freedom for the hunt, destruction, and war without governance. The Vy'keen also believe that death is inevitable but the Sentinels are preventing this from happening by trying to preserve everything. They believe the all-powerful Atlas rules over all with a limitless supply of its war machines (sentinels). But it's assumed the traveler can change that.


The player can gain reputation with successful interactions with the Vy'keen, increasing the morale of distressed Vy'keen, accepting a Priest's ancestral chants blessing, and reporting some Vy'keen military-related crimes.

Once a player attains the highest level of reputation, Vy'Keen traders will be open to assisting with fuel (Carbon), restoring health, and shield recharging. In some notable cases, the player may even be asked to make important decisions on their behalf. (in which all options are good options)

Vy'keen Templar Rank 100

Reputation ranks with the Vy'keen include, from low to high:

Standing -2
Standing -1
Allows trading and basic interactions.
Player can learn new words through interactions.
Player can now demand units through interactions and player may also choose certain options on encounters with the Vy'Keen.
Close ally
Player can request repair (require Vy'keen Effigy and have the option to Pull Ranks in some dire situation in conversations.
Special Relationship (30)
All options are now unlocked for a player when encountering the Vy'Keen.
Adjutant (40)
Comrade (60)
Templar (100)
Highest level of reputation currently available.

Notable Individuals

  • Hirk the Great - an ancient Vy'keen war leader and hero figure.
  • Nal - a rival of Hirk, erased from Vy'keen history for his controversial teachings.
  • Armourer - a hirable weapons specialist.
  • Technician - a hirable exocraft specialist, and follower of the Cult of Nal.